Paul Moyse:
Guest of Honor

Paul is a caricature and 3D artist from the UK. Working both digitally and in oils, he has worked for publications in the UK and the US, and has had a portrait included in the BP portrait awards exhibition at the national portrait gallery in London.

He started drawing caricatures at an early age, inspired by the British satirical TV show spitting image in the 1980s. Also a big movie fan, he spent much of his twenties and thirties working in a video store and binge-watched VHS and DVD’s before streaming was even a thing.In his late thirties, he decided it was time to get better at his art, so he put down the DVD’s and started to paint.

He continues to work for private clients and teach students online, and has most recently ventured into digital sculpting and animation.

Instagram: @moysepaul
Website: https://www.paulmoyse.com/

Brian Oakes: Caricature 101

Beginning with a lifelong passion of art and cartooning, Brian Oakes began his professional caricature career in 2001. Brian has been instructing in the art of caricature at locations across the globe, including multiple theme parks and a seminar tour in Japan. Over the course of his long history with ISCAcon, he has been awarded  3 Bronze Noseys, 2 Silver Noseys and multiple other awards in other categories.

Brian Oakes will be bringing this wealth of knowledge and experience to teach our annual “Caricature 101” seminar.

Instagram: @brianwesleyoakes

Mark Redman: The Life and Legacy of Lenn Redman

Mark Redman is a retired technology sales executive, former special education teacher, father of 2, grandfather of 4 and now a publisher of his father Lenn Redman’s 1,000+ pieces of mid-century modern art, artifacts and books. Lenn Redman was a prolific caricaturist, artist, author, educator, entertainer and civil rights advocate.

Mark recently established ‘Redman Artworks’, a for profit company where Lenn’s mid-century art meets 21st century technology to create new digital images/artwork and ‘The Redman Family Foundation’, a non-profit that utilizes the creative works of Lenn and other artists/authors/educators in an effort to support educational arts initiatives that promote Diversity, Inclusion and World Peace.

Instagram: @lennredman
Website: https://www.lennredman.com/

Alani Jimenez: Exaggerate Your Social Media

Alani J is an artist who loves to help people. A caricature artist since 2005, he has won multiple ISCAcon awards including World’s Fastest Caricaturist in 2019. His social media is focused on providing a wind-down relaxing atmosphere for those who watch him draw. He has been using social media since before Facebook and has learned much as times have changed and continues to change. Millions of people now watch his content online. Alani looks forward to including con attendees in on his learnings and to share ideas, concepts and techniques that can help them exaggerate their social media.

Instagram: @mr.alanij
Website: https://alanij.com/

Melissa & Paul Sepulveda: Animation for Caricature Artists

Melissa & Paul Sepulveda are a married artist couple with a hunger for pushing their art! In 2017 they got interviewed at the same time to be theme park Caricature Artist & their rivalry friendship would instantly begin! Their friendship would quickly blossom into a loving relationship, followed by marriage, all while constantly pushing each other to be the best artist they can possibly be! Their love for caricatures would bring them together, but it was their love of animation that would truly bond them! Now they find any way to mix their 2 favorite types of art to create Caricature Cartoons! They will be bringing this passionate and cartoony nature to present the “Animation for Caricature Artists” seminar.

Instagram: @meligreenart @paulietoons
Websites: meligreenart.wixsite.com and paulietoons.wixsite.com