July 20, 2022
Our members work so hard to create their wonderful caricature art and we want to share it with anyone who wants to come enjoy it. With the purchase of a $20 wristband, friends, family, or anyone interested in the art of caricature are welcome to join us on Thursday, November 17th from 6-9pm to see all of the finished walls of artwork from the week of the con. ISCA Professional Members who didn’t buy a con ticket can join us for just $5!

** Important ISCAcon31: Orlando Updates **
June 15, 2022

To all ISCA members and ISCAcon attendees,

This past Friday evening, the ISCA Board of Directors met in full for a dedicated discussion and vote on the policies regarding ISCAcon31’s vaccine requirements and virtual event tickets.

After a lengthy discussion, the board unanimously voted to release the following statement:

“As of Friday, June 10th, 2022, we are optimistic that registrants and attendees will not have to provide proof of vaccination for entry into ISCAcon31. However, we will be continuing to take into consideration the recommendations of the CDC and the guidelines of federal, state and local authorities as we get closer to the event. Due to the constant evolution of these recommendations and guidelines, the board will reassess the conditions within 40 days prior to the event.”

With these policies in mind, the board has also elected to end the virtual aspect of ISCAcon, returning to ISCA’s previous practice of recording all seminars then making them available to members after a 6 month window and we will continue to live broadcast the awards ceremony to members and the public on our social media platforms. While we appreciate the benefits that the virtual ticket has brought us all these past two years, the organizational, financial and volunteer resources required to make it serve its intended purpose is too large for us to continue. Thank you to everyone who ran, assisted and participated in our virtual portions of ISCAcon29 & ISCAcon30. 

While we always strive to make ISCAcon the best event it can be, please know that our top priority is always our members’ and attendees’ safety. If you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to reach out to us here or on our website at caricature.org/contact.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you in Orlando this November.

All the best,

Christopher Tamlyn, President
The International Society of Caricature Artists